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“Find out where the people are going and buy the land before they get there” – William Penn Adair

There is a subtle rush towards Epe now; both developers and investors are buying land and strategically positioning themselves for what is coming. When it comes to real estate investment, the early offtakers are always the big gainers.

Would you believe if I told you, that Lekki Phase 1 was once very far and remote to some people, even when it was selling for just over ₦1million in the mid 90s? Would you believe that Banana Island sold for ₦6.5million in 1999? Or VGC sold for ₦1.5million in 2003? Well, the above are now choice locations selling for hundreds of millions today. It will interest you to know that when they were still selling at rock bottom prices, many people rejected them and refused to buy.

History is about to repeat itself, we have a lot of promising estates in Epe with entry level offerings:

▪︎Future City, Epe – ₦7million/plot, initial deposit of ₦3million (spread balance payment over 24 months without interest)

▪︎Dukia Africa Resort, Epe – ₦15million/plot, initial deposit of ₦3.5million (spread balance payment over 12 months with interest)

▪︎Lagoon Front Estate, Epe – ₦20million/plot, initial deposit of ₦1million (spread balance payment over 18 months with interest)

▪︎Itunu City, Epe – ₦20million/plot, initial deposit of ₦5million (spread balance payment over 12 months with interest)

Will the story be told of how you bought land in any of these estates for ₦7million or ₦20million and it's now worth ₦500million in 2032? Or will it be a story of regret, on how you passed on these offers, only to see their prices rise to the roof by 2032? Think about it!

In the first quarter of this year 2022, we sold Isimi in Epe for ₦21million per plot of 500sqm, today that same 500sqm is selling for ₦100million, just imagine how much it will be selling in the year 2030 when Isimi is complete. To win in real estate, you must learn to invest strategically. For instance, you can buy multiple plots (5, 6, 10, or 20 plots) in Epe today, leave your investment till 2032, then sell, and use the money to buy properties in Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki Phase 1, and look for another emerging location to start the process all over again.

“Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want” – Ken Poirot

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